Arabica Facial Scrub


Our Arabica facial scrub will leave your skin softer than it’s been since pre-school.

The Fair Trade Coffee grounds will slough off dry skin, while the Avocado Oil emulsifies impurities and the UMF 10+ Manuka Honey provides additional moisture to your skin.

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THE CRAFTSMANS NOTES: The facial scrub was born from a desire to use the leftover coffee grounds that are a bi-product of the coffee oil I create for our Coffee & Leather Oil and Balm. Coffee Facial Scrubs are very popular at the moment, but most often these are made from the discarded grounds of roasted coffee, which means the caffeine has been leached out already. Caffeine has the same effect topically as it does internally, meaning it wakes your skin up like it does your senses. When paired with UMF 10+ Manuaka Honey the effect on your skin is noticeable, skin is softer and looks fresher. Using the grounds to create a scrub means that our blends have zero waste, another foundation of our company ethos.

INGREDIENTS: Fair Trade Arabica Coffee Beans Infused in Spray Free Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado Oil*, UMF 10+ Manuka Honey, *Certified Organic



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