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Our Beard Care Products are reminiscent of
manly pursuits and gentlemanly endeavours.

Made with only the finest natural and organic ingredients to
reduce beard itch, promote strong hair and help you
grow the healthy man mane you’ve always wanted.


Beard itch, what is it?

That fledgling beard is itching due to poor grooming habits for a start, that baby face is basically not receiving all the moisture it needs to sustain the hair follicles pushing through.

Secondly this new hair irritates the skin causing most men to either trim their newly grown face mane stunting more growth or to simply shave it off entirely.

How do I grow a fuller more luscious beard?

This comes down to time my good man, 4 weeks to be exact, If one can wait out the itching in the early weeks and resist the urge to trim too early then he shall enjoy a thick full beard to be proud of.

Now that I've managed to grow one, how do I take care of my Beard?

So your face is now adorned with a luxurious flowing beard, and you want to look after it. Keep it moisturized, your daily ritual should begin with quality products like our all natural Beard Oils, designed to hydrate your beard as well as keeping you smelling how a gentleman should.

Now that we have the oil sorted lets condition that beard with our 100% organic Beard Balmdesigned to soften, condition and moisturize. Add a little heat with a blow drier and shape your beard using an all natural boars hair brush.


Coffee & Leather Beard Oil

We meticulously infuse Fair Trade Arabica beans into Extra Virgin Olive Oil, protecting the structural integrity of the raw ingredients, to maximise their beneficial properties.

This means, not only do our products retain their authentic and distinctive coffee scent, they’re also awesome for your beard and skin.

The protective antioxidant benefits of coffee prevent hair breakage and enhance shine.

The antioxidants in coffee also calms inflamed and red skin. Plus the stimulating properties of coffee improve blood flow, making your skin appear fresh.

30ml – 1 months supply


CREATORS NOTES: When I started researching beard oils I discovered that many of the blends on the market use synthetic scents to create the desired aroma. I’m passionate about coffee, it has amazing topical benefits for the skin.

I felt I could develop a superior product using natural ingredients. I started experimenting with Fair Trade Coffee beans, roasted by Mike from Meebz, a boutique roastery in Auckland.

The result is product that both smells authentic as well has having fantastic antioxidant benefits for the skin and hair. The Coffee & Leather Beard Oil was the first product in our range and the one I’m most proud of. The concept of collaboration with other local creators has formed the basis of our ethos and become the foundation and signature of The Dark Heart Beard Co.


Hemp Seed Oil*, Kawakawa Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Fair Trade Arabica Beans, Whiskey Woodsmoke & Leather Natural Fragrance Oil.

*Certified Organic


Coffee & Leather Beard Balm

Our Coffee & LeatherBeard Balm is made by first, meticulously infusing the Fair Trade Arabica beans into the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, protecting the structural integrity and maximising the beneficial properties of the oil, this balm is the perfect compliment to our Coffee & Leather Beard Oil.

The Coffee & Leather Beard Balm provides styling hold, enabling you to shape your ‘stache and refine the lines on your facial growth.


60gm Tin – one month of daily use.


I created this product because I wanted a balm that I would use myself, using natural ingredients I trusted and I scent I liked. It’s a perfect compliment to our Coffee & Leather Beard Oil, which boasts the same scent, using Fair Trade Coffee Beans from Meebz, a boutique local roastery here in Auckland.

I use the Balm every morning to shape and hold my beard, which is naturally very curly. Without the balm my beard is a bit unruly, plus the natural oils in the blend add moisture and shine to the skin and hair.


Coconut Oil*, Shea Butter*, Beeswax*, Peach Kernel Oil*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Fair Trade Arabica Beans, Whiskey Woodsmoke & Leather Natural Fragrance Oil.

*Certified Organic


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