How to Apply your Beard Oil

So my good man you’ve taken a giant step towards gentlemanliness and decided to grow out a luxurious face trophy, now you need to learn how to look after it.

Maintenance is key from here on out to keep that beard soft and full, you’ve ordered one of our fine oils and that’s the first step, follow these simple guidelines on how to apply.

The length of your beard will determine how much oil a gentleman should use on his face, but as a rule of thumb less is sometimes more. Personally, I find 6-8 drops is enough to soften and moisturise as part of my daily treatment regimen.

Our oils come in a handy to use dropper lid making it easy to dispense into one’s palm. Once the oil is on the palm make sure to rub one’s hands together to evenly distribute ready to massage through your beard.


Start with a dry clean beard, a damp beard won’t absorb the oils so towel dry or use a hair dryer. Work the oil onto the skin massaging from the follicle to the ends making sure to fully cover all areas including your moustache. Now using a natural boars hair brush or similar brush the oils through your beard to evenly distribute, again starting from the follicle to the end of the hair.


This is personal and depends on skin type and your environment, if you live in a more humid climate once a day may be to much and once every couple of days may suffice. If you’re in a cooler drier climate and your skin is sensitive to this you may want to apply a few times each day.